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Missiles provide the essential accuracy and standoff range capabilities that are of paramount importance in modern warfare.  Technologies for missiles are rapidly emerging, resulting in the frequent introduction of new missile systems.  The capability to meet the essential requirements for the performance, cost, risk, and launch platform integration of missile systems is driven by missile design, development, and system engineering.

Every few months I offer a one-to-five day short course based on my textbook Missile Design and System Engineering, plus additional new material.  The course is available through the AIAAATI, GTRIUAH, and K2B web sites.  You can also arrange directly with me for a course.
Since the year 1999 there have been 104 offerings of the short course in 15 countries on 5 continents.
I look forward to seeing you in the Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering course.

Summary of the Five Day Short Course on Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering

The most comprehensive option for my short course is a five day short course. A system-level, integrated method is provided for the missile design, development, analysis, and system engineering activities in addressing requirements such as cost, performance, risk, and launch platform integration. The prediction methods presented are generally simple closed-form analytical expressions that are physics-based, to provide insight into the primary driving parameters. Configuration sizing examples are presented for rocket-powered, ramjet-powered, and turbo-jet powered missiles as well as guided bombs. Typical values of missile parameters and the characteristics of current operational missiles are discussed as well as the enabling subsystems and technologies for missiles and the current/projected state-of-the-art. Over seventy videos illustrate missile development activities and missile performance. Attendees participate in daily roundtable discussion. Finally, each attendee could design, build, and fly a small air powered rocket. Attendees will vote on the relative emphasis of the material to be presented for targets, launch platforms, and topics. Attendees receive course notes and may also receive the textbook, Missile Design and System Engineering.

What you Will Learn

  • Key drivers in the missile design, development, and system engineering process.
  • Critical tradeoffs, methods and technologies in the prediction of aerodynamic, propulsion, structure, seeker, warhead, fuzing, and subsystems sizing to meet flight performance and other requirements.
  • Launch platform-missile integration.
  • Robustness, lethality, guidance, navigation & control, accuracy, observables, survivability, safety, reliability, and cost prediction considerations.
  • Sizing examples for missile systems and missile technologies.
  • Missile system and missile technology development process.

Who Should Attend

The course is oriented toward the needs of missile engineers, system engineers, system analysts, marketing personnel, program managers, university professors, and others working in the area of missile systems and missile technology development. Attendees will gain an understanding of missile design prediction, missile technologies, launch platform integration, missile system measures of merit, and the missile system development process.

My other, shorter duration (one-to-four day) courses are described in next page of this web site.

A public offering of the Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering short course will be held in Columbia, MD during February 19-22, 2018. The short course will be sponsored by ATI.

I am very pleased with the success of my year 2012 textbook, Missile Design and System Engineering.  It is larger in scope than my year 2006 book, Tactical Missile Design, Second Edition. The new book has 88% more pages - with more written material, figures, videos, and comparisons of missiles. Much of the new material is in the area of system engineering, with particular emphasis on the system integration of the missile with its launch platform and fire control system.  Also, the book has extensive use of simple closed-form, physics-based analytical prediction methods - to provide better insight into the primary driving system parameters.

The new textbook (880 pages) is available through a number of web sites, including AIAA, Amazon.com, Alibris, and Barnes & Noble.


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Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering
Eugene L. Fleeman


I would appreciate receiving your comments on the short course and textbook.

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Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering