Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering
Resume - Eugene L. Fleeman
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Eugene L. Fleeman has 50+ years of government, industry, academia, and consulting experience in the design, development, and system engineering of missile systems.  Formerly a manager of missile programs at the US Air Force Research Laboratory, Rockwell International, Boeing, and Georgia Tech, he is an international lecturer on missiles and the author of 200+ publications, including three textbooks.  His textbooks and short courses on Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering emphasize physics-based prediction methods, for enhanced insight, speed and accuracy to the conceptual design process.  The short courses have been held in fifteen countries and five continents.

The following is the Process That I Have Used for Missile Conceptual Design and System Engineering:



Chronological Experience


Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering Courses and Consulting (1999 – Present)


Georgia Tech (1999 – 2005)

  • Position: Senior Technical Advisor.  Lecturer and advisor for graduate student missile system design and analysis courses and projects. 
  • Projects: Boost phase interceptor, air launched missile defense target, multi-mission cruise missile, liquid propellant booster target, future target delivery system, sea-based missile defense interceptor, surface-launched hypersonic strike missile, rapid response space launch system, long range low observable cruise missile, strategic missile post-boost propulsion system, and air-launched hypersonic strike missile.

Boeing (1997 – 1999)

  • Position: Deputy Director - Hypersonic Design and Applications.
  • Programs: Hypersonic Weapons Technology, Affordable Rapid Response Missile Demonstrator, and X-43 Hyper-X Demonstrator.

Rockwell International (1983 – 1997)

  • Positions: Manager - Advanced Sensor Systems, Manager - Strategic Planning, Manager - Advanced Missile Systems, Manager - Missile Systems Analysis and Systems Engineering, and Manager - Missile Design and Technology Development.
  • Programs: Nemesis imaging infrared threat warning sensor, FastHawk ramjet missile, PAC-3 radar seeker, Advanced Missile Defense Interceptor, Low Observable Weapon, Small Low Cost Interceptor Device, Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, HELLFIRE anti-tank missile, AGM-130 air-to-surface missile, Advanced Anti-Armor Weapon System, TOW missile follow-on, and Advanced Air-to-Air Missile.

U.S. Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory (1964 – 1983)

  • Positions: Manager - Advanced Weapons and Aircraft Survivability, Manager - Missile Stability and Control Technology, Manager - Air Slew Missile Technology Demonstration Program, Senior Engineer - Missile Stability and Control Technology, and Research Engineer - Hypersonic Flight Control Technology.
  • Programs: Bomber Defense Missile, Advanced Strategic Air Launched Missile, X-24 lifting body manned reentry vehicle, Advanced Maneuvering Reentry Vehicle (AMRV).


  • BS, Aerospace Engineering - University of Cincinnati, 1964.
  • MS, Aerospace Engineering - University of Dayton, 1977.


  • Tactical Missile Design, AIAA, Reston, VA, 2001.
  • Tactical Missile Design, 2nd Edition, AIAA, Reston, VA 2006.
  • Missile Design and System Engineering, AIAA, Reston, VA, 2012.

 Professional Activities

  • Chair - AIAA Missile Systems Technical Committee.
  • Associate Fellow – AIAA.
  • Director, NATO RTO lecture series on Technologies for Future Precision Strike Missile Systems and technical courses on Tactical Guided Weapon System Design and System Engineering ( http://www.rta.nato.int ).
  • Member - NATO RTO/AGARD panels on missiles and UCAVs.
  • Member - AUSA, AAAA, AFA, Navy League, USNI, NDIA, AUVS, and AOC.
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Ohio.
  • Short Course, Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering.
  • Board of Advisors, Generation Orbit.
  • External Advisory Board, Georgia Tech Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
  • Distinguished Lecturer, AIAA ( http://www.aiaa.org/Secondary.aspx?id=14682 ).
  • Reviewer - IEEE, AIAA, Aerospace Science and Technology, Acta Astronautica, Aerospace Engineering, and Defense Modeling & Simulation Journals.

Publications - Over 200 publications (textbooks, conference papers, encyclopedias, design handbooks, course notes, and technical reports).

Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering